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Financial Solutions

Our inspiration arises from the desire to deliver more to clients than banks and traditional wire house firms. The landscape of the investment world has changed dramatically since the 2008 Economic Crisis, and now the Covid-19 outbreak. Affluent individuals and families’ lifestyles have evolved, and demand more than what the traditional wire house firms and banks are equipped to provide. To maintain this type of business model in an already competitive field requires them to provide limited investment options to clients, take on as many clients as possible, and limit service to all clients to keep pace with annual growth targets set by executives looking out for their best interest, not yours.

Banks serve a purpose…

We want to serve your purpose.

We operate from a different source of inspiration, YOU. Our purpose is to deeply understand your purpose. We start there and work out towards financial and lifestyle goals. Life is dynamic no matter what stage our clients find themselves. We seek to add consistency for comfort and remain flexible for your financial evolution.

We are an asset for your assets.

Creating value for clients through purpose driven planning and unbiased investment advice

Chris Hays is an Independent Investment Adviser who established his firm as a means of serving his clients on a deeper level. His goal is to truly understand every individual and family whom he serves. That understanding serves as the management model for every client’s development.

After years of frustration in the traditional system, he joined the independent adviser movement in 2020 to provide clients with streamlined service options, reduced redundancies in operations, and investment solutions tailored to every client’s desired risk exposure and outcomes. This allows him to develop, focus, track the financial evolution of each client and remain financially nimble.

Who We Are

Chris Hays Wealth Management LLC was founded in San Francisco, California in 2020 to offer affluent individuals and families a service model that is representative of their lifestyle and needs. We seek to deeply understand our clients needs and develop solutions rooted with those needs in mind.


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